Your First Time Looking For a Preparatory School? Here’s a Checklist

Are you looking for an independent preparatory school for the first time? If yes, you may need to consider a few things to make sure you choose the best primary school for your child. After all, you want the best educational foundation for your child to ensure a bright future for him/her.

The role of a primary school in preparing your child for the competitive entrance exams held by independent secondary schools in the UK is undoubtedly important. Your child’s higher studies depend, to a great extent, on the kind of foundation and attitude developed during the initial years of his/her education. A primary school that can ensure overall development of your child whilst giving him/her a solid foundation in maths, classics and modern languages must therefore be chosen.

If you are looking for a preparatory school for your child for the first time, you should start by finding out all the primary schools in your locality. This could be easily done with the help of the Internet. You would just need to search for “Preparatory school” along with the area of your residence. You will get a complete list of schools in your locality as well as in the neighbouring areas.

The next step would be to visit the website of each school. Most primary schools today have an online presence. These websites provide complete information about their classes, curriculum, admission policy, fee structure, extra-curricular activities, special facilities, if any, and so on. A peek into their website would give you a fairly good idea about what all facilities they offer.

How can you choose a good preparatory school for your child in your locality? If this is the question in your mind, here’s a checklist that would help you.

1. Assess the track record of the primary school: A good primary school is the one that has a good track record of the number of its students getting through the competitive entrance exams to both independent secondary schools and state grammar schools. A good preparatory school also advises parents which secondary schools may be suitable for their child. Many students from a good primary school manage to obtain scholarships or other financial assistance at independent schools.

2. Visit the school: You may also choose to visit a school before you fill in the registration form. By visiting a school, you can understand the standard of their classes and activities and also get a chance to meet the staff. You could see if the school provides enough space to the children to move about freely in both its indoor and outdoor classes. Also, see if the resources are well organised to enable young children find things they want easily, on their own.

3. Enquire about the fee structure: Since independent primary schools charge a fee, which may vary from one school to the other, it is important to know what all you need to pay for. After all, you would prefer to choose a school you could afford easily. It is also important to find out if the school provides any nursery education grant.

4. Get information about special subjects and extra-curricular activities: Try to find out if the primary school provides classes on special subjects or arranges for extra-curricular activities. These are important for the overall development of your child. Many schools offer classes on extra subjects like piano and computers besides sports activities for an extra fee.

5. Specialist subject teachers: Computers, French, swimming, and many sports activities need to be taught by experts. So, it is important to find out if the school has specialist subject teachers.

If you take into consideration these factors, finding a Preparatory School ideal for your child could really get easy.