Time Management Training for Moms Increases Joy

Moms often find themselves hurried and stressed out due to the lack of time in each day to complete everything that needs to be done. Sometimes when moms mismanage their time they don’t even get to take a shower, much less do anything extra that would be classified as fun, educational, or joyful. This is sad since one of the most joyful experiences in life is that of being a Mother. But face it, most of us go into Motherhood really young, having no idea the amount of work that going into mothering, so it helps if someone passes on a few tips about motherhood time management. The last thing you want to do is lose the joy of mothering to the chaos of poor time management.

Start Young — Even before your children are born try to get your household in order, everything has a place and everything in its place. With very little money, you can create systems of baskets and boxes to keep things in order. Teach children at a young age that everything has a “home” and to put it back in its home when done; right away, no exceptions. Do this after every activity, and do this “with” children every night five minutes before bed to round up items that were missed during the day. Honestly, it should not take more than five minutes if you and your children stay on top of it during the day. Children as young as two can put their toys back in their “home” and, in fact, will insist upon it if you’ve been modeling the behavior since their birth.

Schedule it — Even though there will be instances where your schedule is ruined, you should still create a schedule for your day. This is very important when you have small children. That is how daycare centers and schools manage time to allow teachers the time to teach, do all that paperwork, and keep the classroom orderly. If your wake up, breakfast, play, reading, snack, lunch, dinner, and sleep times are scheduled you will actually have more time to appreciate the joy of this precious time in your children’s lives and have some time to yourself. (I promise)

Hire Help — In the old days, most mothers who stayed home with children who could afford it still hired help. Most of the time it was simple help with deep cleaning. If you can afford it, it will be worth many times more than the fee to get some help with the deep cleaning such as cleaning floors, carpets, and windows. Also, yard work is a good thing to outsource too because who wants to be stuck doing yard work every single weekend? If you cannot hire that kind of help, consider joining a moms club where you trade childcare on a point system. You can get a lot of cleaning in one hour without children underfoot.

These three tips will increase your time in your day by avoiding issues that are time wasters, create a more orderly and inviting living space, and help you have time to enjoy your children. It will provide you a lifetime of gratitude for versus servitude to your children. When all else fails, and your best laid plans go haywire, remember, this time will pass in a blink of an eye. Time enjoying your children is never wasted, even while dust balls collect under the bed.