Significant Ways to Manage Elementary School Fundraising Donations

One of the primary reasons for holding elementary school fundraising event is to collect dues and donations for various future activities of the organization. The money accumulated from such fundraisers is used to buy computers and text books for children, sponsor school trips, and so on.

Manual handling of payments can really be a daunting task, especially for the elementary school children. It includes excessive administrative workload and is a time-consuming task. In such a situation, schools can start using the online payments management solution to streamline the procedure.

The web-based fund management system can be used by elementary, middle, or high school to bring in greater transparency in managing donations. The PCI-compliant online payment service can be used to authorize and process funds from diverse fields.

People who wish to donate using their credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express) are welcome to do so. Similarly, real-time processing of checks and Purchase Orders is possible using the highly scalable web-based payment management platform.

This online payment solution also accepts payment through the standard getaways, such as PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Express, CyberSource, and People can even use their own merchant account for giving dues and donations at the elementary school fundraising events.

This type of payment managing system also offers schools the provision of tracking, reporting, and controlling registration data, payment status, revenues, refunds, and credits. All this can be done 24X7. The Cloud-based payment organizing service also assists you with transaction reconciliation. Besides, it proactively monitors and prevents fraudulent transaction, if any. This payment management solution also allows easy processing and clearance of all refunds and chargeback requests to attendees, as and when required.

Apart from using the web-based payment management service, the elementary schools can also use the comprehensive online event management solution to enable instant online registration. The online registration platform can be accessed 24×7 from any part of the world. The registration pages can also be customized to bring in them the look and feel of your fundraising event or school website. You can also send emails, RSVPs, and invitations to your acquaintances for participating in your school fundraisers.

Thus, the online payment management solution is likely to help you enhance your donor relationships and empower them to donate funds more conveniently. Finally, the web-based event management solutions, coupled with the payment administrative system, promise to make your elementary school fundraising event a grand success.