School Teacher Job Interview Questions

A school teacher’s job is a perfect job. You get good benefits and an easy work schedule compared to other jobs. This is even not effected by recession and there is complete job security.

Even if you have the right qualifications for a teacher’s job, you may not be well prepared for the interview. The school teacher’s job interview is a bit complex and you can lose a nice opportunity if you are not prepared to answer all those weird questions by the school management.

You may be asked the following questions:

-What will you do if a student refuses to do what you ask him to do?
-What will you do if a student never seems to complete his homework?
-Why did you choose this particular school?
-Explain about your classroom management style?
-Describe a model classroom.
-What kind of interesting techniques have you used in a classroom?
-What do you think students mean by a “fair teacher”?

Examples of some basic computer knowledge related questions:

-Do you have any computer knowledge?
-Do you know how to run an excel presentation?
-Tell us about any instructional software used by you?

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There are various types of questions you may be asked. Certain situational questions are quite popular with such job interviews. Many times, you may find it difficult to decide what to say if you are not prepared for it. If you give a wrong answer, you lose the opportunity. It helps a lot if you are fully prepared for all those questions. Now you can be sure that you will confidently answer everything they ask.