School Governance and Finance

Abigail Barker works at Beachfield High School, in Herodale, Arizona as an Economics teacher, as well as a financial advisor.

I play two roles as it keeps me occupied and helps me financially. Besides, I couldn’t live without teaching- it’s my life, it’s in my blood- my mother was a teacher as well, and so was my grandmother.

Apart from that, maintaining school finance is also important. School finance isn’t just about cents and dollars. It is more about the way to allocate funds, and the kind of funds that are available. The resources made available indicate the combined priorities laid for public education system.

Good teachers are very important in proper running of a school, but only teachers cannot run a school- it requires proper governance and finance. Running and improving school management requires proper resources. Many people think that money is the primary resource for proper school management, but there are many important resources besides money. Generally, the state government provides approximately 49% of school budget, using a combination of sales tax, corporate tax, and income tax.

School funding isn’t exactly a simple process. There are various systems for governance and financing of schools. The state of Arizona uses a foundation program to form the basis of funding system for schools. Local districts and state collectively share the responsibility to provide the necessary funding for fundamental education.

Think of school finance in terms of equity and adequacy of resources. Equity is about highlighting the techniques for bridging the gap between the abilities of local government bodies to raise income for the school, while adequacy focuses on providing funds to every student, so that he/she is able to meet or excel academic expectations.

School finances are mainly dependent on the state government. The funds that the state provides are distributed among schools. It is the responsibility of schools to use and allocate these funds intelligently. I have to manage many aspects of financing and arranging funds from the government authorities, and so I know that division of funds is not exactly an easy task. It becomes quite tedious and strenuous at moments, and my only escape is teaching. Thank god I’m a teacher as well. Teaching students about economics as well as values required for a disciplined life breaks the monotony that comes with handling financial matters. Being a teacher is a blessing.