Middle School Management Stress – So You Think You Have it Rough?

How many of us adults fuss because we put in eight hours a day at a job that isn’t really all that mentally challenging and that is broken up by the ability to go to the bathroom whenever we want or get something to drink when we need it? The answer would be most of us. Now try to remember being in middle school. You have six or more intensive classes to go through each day. You cannot always leave class to get a drink or take a break. Each class also gives you a load of work which you must take home and finish before the next day. Most students realistically speaking put in seven or eight classroom hours a day followed by three or more hours of homework. When you figure this over a five day period the numbers begin to add up. One school week becomes fifty or more hours, plus most teachers give homework to do over the weekend that can add anywhere from two to six more hours. The fifty hour week can quickly become a sixty hour week. If your child participates in extracurricular activities you must also add those hours to their already crammed schedule.

You also must take some other factors into account. If your child is one that is getting picked on they deal with the sort of treatment that adults sue each other for. Being children they have no such recourse. If other kids liable them then parents usually just say that they are being kids and have to learn how to handle such things. On top of all these stressors this age range is when children starting learning to behave as young adults and begin feeling the pressures that go with it. Have you ever thought about having this sort of burden on your shoulders?

Those Who Mold The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Now that you have some insight into the stress levels faced by middle schoolers it is time to look through another set of eyes. Imagine that you are not responsible for only your one, two, or three children. Imagine being responsible for hundreds of children. Imagine that their success or failure can be placed squarely at your feet. No matter whether their ability or lack there of plays a part you will still carry the burden if they cannot make it through. If the children are spending fifty to sixty hours per week on school your are spending almost double that in preparing for each class. You have to get each lesson prepared, including homework assignment and tests, as well as grading assignments from the previous day. There is no time to do it when you are at school because your hours are consumed by the actual teaching process. When do you do it? At home, of course. Every day teachers shoulder the burden that they have been called to as the teachers of future generations. Class sizes have grown larger and larger yet the budgets have not so teachers have dealt with low pay and little appreciation. Middle school teachers also have the added stress of possibly having to teach their students how to behave as young adults since many families no longer have, or take, the time to do so. Not only is a teacher responsible for each of their students, the principal carries the responsibility of each of their numerous students and teachers. If a teacher falls flat then it is the principal that has to shoulder most of the blame.

Take A Moment To Say Thank You

Next time you drive to the school for a parent/teacher conference think about this: Wouldn’t it be much nicer to carry a basket of treats to the teachers that work so hard for your children than to carry a load of arguments as to why you don’t think they do enough to teach your child? Educators face a good deal of stress every day which makes us very lucky that there are those people out there that are not afraid to take on this heavy of a responsibility.