Learn How Private Schools Differ From Public Schools

As a parent, sometimes you may be confused about the school to take your child to when he attains the age of going to school. You may have to choose between a private school and a public school. Before you decide, it is important to really know how do private schools differ from public.

Both schools offer either boarding school facilities or day facilities. Other schools are meant for boys alone while others are meant for girls alone. A lot are mixed. They both offer primary education plus secondary education.

A public school is normally owned and also run by the government. It means that the government sets the curriculum and the school has to strictly follow it. Although this is quite in order, sometimes it may be rather limiting. The school management is not free to alter the curriculum to cater for the needs of every student.

These schools admit every student that seeks enrollment because they are government funded. This could at times cause overcrowding in classrooms. Due to this, the teachers might not be able to offer personal attention to students. As a result, education standards may be compromised.

Since the schools have large numbers of students, their facilities could be overstretched. Some may receive insufficient funds. This could affect learning and extra curricular activities also. Students with special talents might therefore be denied the opportunity to exploit their potential fully.

A private school is owned by an individual. It therefore generates its own funds. Such can raise money by soliciting cash from various corporations, charging tuition fees or alumni society among others. The school can therefore plan its activities based on available funds. The school is thus able to maintain a high standard.

Since these are private, they can tailor their curriculum to cater for their students’ needs. The curriculum is therefore more advanced and also highly specialized. Some design specialized programs for every student. They have a variety of extra curricular programs to enable them produce students who are well rounded. Through such activities students are able to discover their talents.

These schools select freely the number of children they want to admit. Majority of them therefore have classes that are small to balance the ratio of student/teacher. The performance of pupils is thus enhanced since the teachers are able to give them personalized attention.

After school tutoring is also provided by some of the schools. Others may offer summer school, evening school and weekend school. All this is done to improve the performance of students. They usually employ teachers who have an advanced degree in the subject they specialize in. Students in such schools therefore excel in their studies.

On-going career guidance is also offered to the students and they are also prepared to succeed in colleges or universities. Other life skills for instance interpersonal skills, time management skills and also problem solving skills are taught among many others. Students are therefore prepared to face life.

These are some answers of how do private schools differ from public schools. The differences vary from school to school. This information may help you to choose an appropriate school.