How to Raise Funds for Your School by Organizing a Holiday Vendor Fair

While running the school, your main concern has always been raising funds. In this article, you will get an idea on how you can raise a bit extra money for your school by organizing a holiday vendor fair. These days more people are getting into home-based trade and selling. You can arrange a fair, based only on these types of home-based initiatives and can invite parents, teachers and member of the community to shop for their holidays.

Here are few tips to make your holiday vendor fair an event to remember for a long time:

Plan Ahead. Fix a Date and Location for Your Event

Talk to your school administrator regarding booking of the venue for the fair. You should start planning your holiday vendor fair from mid-November to first week of December, so that you can allow your visitors some pre-holiday shopping. If you plan during this time, you also allow your visitors to shop for some other holidays, such as Hanukkah. You need to decide on the number of vendors you need to have and then find out where you can accommodate them.

Solicit Vendors

You need to reach out to the vendors in order to make them participate in your school fair. You have to find out what type of vendors you want to host in your school event. The parameter will be set based on the fact that the event is a school event. Thus, you cannot host all types of vendors. Again, you need to think whether you would allow more vendors to sell similar products or whether you are going to take care of the furniture and decorations they will need to open their shop or they will bring their own. And finally, how do they book shops? You can make it first-come, first-served or by contact or brand popularity.

Collect Money from Your Vendors in Advance

The standard practice is to ask for payment while booking shop. You need to make sure that you set a reasonable price for your shops. The rental of your shops depends on few aspects like how many visitors are expected, how spacious are the shops etc. The rental can range from $15 to $55 to be justified; you at least need to cover up your expenses for arranging the fair. But at the same time you need to decide on a low rent for the vendors to show up. You can use online event registration and ticketing tools for this purpose; this is easy to use and most secured.

Ask your Vendors to Contribute Items for a Raffle

You can also ask your vendors to donate items for a raffle. You can sell raffle tickets to your visitors in advance or on the very night of the event. Then you can distribute those items to winning ticket holders. That would be lot of fun and excitement and a nice way to raise funds for your school.

Advertise your Event

Finally, you have decided on who your vendors are and they have made a commitment; now you get all notified about the fair you are going to organize. Send a notification to the local news papers; invite other schools in your locality or your constituency. You need to set a reminder about sending reminders to the parents a few days before the event. Also remember to place a notice in the school magazine or newspaper. Moreover, the best way to get noticed will be publishing your event onto school website with all information that one might require. Online event management tools offer easy way to publish and promote any type of event using email marketing and social media.

Ensure Plenty of Volunteers

You can recruit students as volunteers, as they are much required to manage on-site checking, including electric cords lying around or help out vendors and visitors when they are in need. Volunteers should continuously be watchful of the fair premises and be cautious so that no mishaps take place and everything is under control. To help build goodwill of your school, you can offer complimentary refreshments to all vendors throughout the event. Volunteers can play background music that goes well with the holiday mood. Volunteers can also set a snack counter and earn extra buck for the school. If you are using online event management software along with taking care of the whole event, registration and payment, you can get bar-coded name badges for all the vendors to give your event a professional edge. 

The overall experience of your event should be good so that you can welcome more guests and vendors for your next event. There are so many online event management and registration tools, using which you can ensure high customer satisfaction and can even send post-event surveys to know their opinion. This way, you can make sure what to do and what not to do in your next event. After all, your aim of raising fund for your school depends on if your visitor liked your event…right?