How To Accommodate A Mobile Classroom Into A School Building Setting

Many schools need extra space due to increased pupil registrations but do not have the room in their buildings to accommodate more classroom space. Given the fact that a great deal of school buildings in the UK are old and even at times ancient, additions will ruin the historical integrity of the structures and is ill advised. When faced with this dilemma adding a mobile classroom unit to the structure can be the answer to space problems so that the current student population can be properly accommodated without any concerns about damaging the quality of the original building.

Of course, many schools are concerned about the use of separate units because they do not want a large group of students travelling outdoors for class and feel that such a unit would separate students during the day. There are ways to remedy this problem however when you consider special types of classroom settings that can be moved outside of the main building.

For example, many schools place their special education classes in mobile units since these classes often take place in blocks of the day such as mornings or afternoons therefore the students remain in the same location throughout a large portion of the day.

Other schools that have gifted and talented programs choose to use the mobile classroom units for this reason since these classes often tend to take place throughout a large block of the day as well. If these are not options, choosing to place classes that are closely related into a mobile unit and share a great deal of the student timetable is also a great way to solve the problem of traffic. Due to the fact that the same students are in a block of similar classes, this allows the students to travel from room to room in the mobile classroom instead of back and forth to the main building.

On the other hand, a mobile classroom can also be used for administrative purposes so that only adults travel to and from the building, therefore freeing up space within the building for actual class space. By moving administrative positions such as headmasters and secretaries into a mobile unit the space that is freed up within the main school building can be converted into classroom space, which is easily the best way to maximize the free space that exists within the school building without affecting the flow of student traffic.

With these tips in mind it is easy to see how building a separate unit outside of the school can help any school manage larger pupil numbers without disrupting the flow of students throughout the building. There are many ways to make use of such a unit without compromising the safety of students or the timing of a traditional class switching throughout the day. In fact, sometimes by simply making a few modifications a mobile unit can be the easiest way to increase space in an old school building that may have seemed out of date in modern times.