Complete Software Suite – Provide a Comprehensive School Management System

Cashing in on the efficiency and speed that e-administration brings; schools have lately started walking the digital route. However their requirements are a little different and a little more complex and complicated than regular software.

Apart from regular HR, finance software, they need special tailor made software applications that will keep track of their students and teachers. This software should also maintain a record of the performance of each student, his previous achievements, his family background and all other relevant data.

To cater to the specialized demands of the schools, an entire industry has come up which specializes in making school management software.

There are thousands of companies in the market promising to provide a comprehensive school management system. The difference between one and the other of course, is the quality and scalability of the product.

We manufactures a highly successful suite of school softwares, promises to provide a school management system that is so comprehensive that it will take care of nearly all the needs of schools.

It software suite consists of four software systems. Campus Care, Campus Soft, LibWiz and Auto Vision.

Its main software, Campus Care has been successfully implemented in 300 schools across the country. It is a multi session, multi user customizable software built on the latest .Net and SQL platform. It is a multi machine; windows based application that can take different passwords for different users.

It offers a high degree of security with regulated access for different types of information and minimizes manual labour by automating repetitive and regular work.

Its major modules include student master, fee management, examination management, HR and salary management, stock inventory and time table.

While the Student Master module allows you to track any information and have all relevant information about his or her performance and background at your fingertips, the fee management system allow you to compute expected fee amount, collected fee and balance. Its generates reports of balance breakup into defaulters, dropouts, concessions, late admissions etc.

HR module is a regular automated administration system that would allow you to efficiently compute salary, income tax and PF details. With the help of Campus Care it is possible to get an idea of your finances with projected and actual profit and losses.

Its standard and dynamic reports can be exported into any regular word processing package for modifications. LibWiz which is also available separately is top class library management software.

Campus soft ensures that information flow efficiently, quickly and with the minimum of effort between different departments. Besides this entab suite of software offer a wide range of other facilities.