Chicago Business Schools

Chicago’s Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management is ranked as one of the best MBA programs in the world. Its students represent a diversity of work experience, interests, talents, and cultural and ethnic backgrounds and are distinguished by their intellectual acumen and strong spirit of involvement.

The Kellogg School’s curriculum is designed to ground students in the fundamentals of management while also providing the flexibility to tailor the program to meet their individual interests and career ambitions. Programs of study include full-time MBA programs, part-time MBA programs, executive MBA programs, medicine management-MD-MBA program, master of management and manufacturing program, Juris Doctor (JD) MBA program, doctoral programs, and executive education programs.

Their two-year Master of Business Administration program is a traditional MBA program. MBA students opting for a two year program complete a rigorous core curriculum that provides a background for advanced, specialized work in academic majors and professional fields. The subjects that are offered in their two-year course are accounting information and management, analytical consulting, analytical finance, biotechnology, decision sciences, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, health industry management, human resources management, international business, management and organizations, management and strategy, managerial economics, marketing, marketing management, media management, operations management, real estate management, Social Enterprise at Kellogg (SEEK) and technology industry management.

Some other business schools in Chicago that offer an MBA degrees are Illinois Institute of Technology, Northeastern Illinois University, Loyola University, University of Illinois, the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, and Roosevelt University. These educational institutions offer degrees in accounting, economics, marketing and public relations, and general management degrees in a variety of business fields. These schools also offer training for e-commerce careers and administration careers.