Automatic Timetabling Software For Universities And Schools

Traditionally, the schedules were put together by many administrative staffs as well as teachers of the institution. The whole process used to take many days and even after spending so much time and energy on it, the results were poor and erroneous. Moreover, since the staff and the teachers have to jointly prepare the schedule, it meant that they have to sit together and then plan it accordingly resulting in the disruption of their normal schedule. But at the present time, automatic time table software has evolved which involuntarily generates a timetable when the perfect information is fed in it. The time required to get the work done is quite minimal and the end result is perfect.

Apart from this conventional method of manually handling the problem, standalone software are also used to draw schedules for schools and colleges. Standalone software is generally offline computer program, which is definitely better than manually handling the problem. But there were some inherent defects in it. Firstly this standalone software is not fully automatic and often the users have to spend a lot of time for operating it. However, the greatest problem is that there is no option of sharing it online. Thereby the number of user using it becomes quite limited.

The automatic timetable software is based on the cloud computing technology. This makes the computer program readily accessible to all the users and in their convenient time and place. The software is equipped with a timetable planning algorithm, which effectively utilizes the information provided to draw the perfect schedule. The modern time table software is equipped with techniques that would help the user to analyze the resources. This will greatly affect the time devoted on such projects. The cloud computing technology has benefited the users a lot because now information is easily accessible to them by means of the internet.

The introduction of this technology has greatly benefited the teachers as well as the parents of junior colleges and high school. They can access information about the schedule and other information about the daily activities directly from the internet and thereby keep a track on the daily activities. Even they have the option of directly interacting with the school management in case of any incongruity. Since, most of the parents have a busy work schedule; it becomes extremely difficult for them to keep a check on their child’s everyday activity. Now they have the option of checking everything online.

Not only in schools, but also in universities the application of this computer program is widespread. Different courses are taught in the universities and thereby the administrative staffs are responsible for allocation of lecture rooms for the students as well. The automatic software helps in formulating that as well.