Agile Project Management

If you work in a company as a Team Leader or a Project Manager, you will sooner or later hear about the Agile concept. There is a lot of philosophy around this subject and some great minds suggest that we face two big concepts : the bad and the good Agile.

The good Agile is the right management style you should apply every time especially when facing software development. The process is straight forward : use a good tracking application like Track ( free ) or paid like FogBugz. Both tools are great and have no resemblance with Microsoft Project. You don’t need to use Gants just tasks ordered by priority. If a task becomes critic it will have to go on top and the developer should start it right away.

You can mix bugs and features just like in real life and you can use advance features like time tracking. Building a chart and trying to maintain it is really a pain that every old school manager loves but it’s not practical. Working in a closed minded company will make you life a hell when it comes to tracking project updates and deadlines.

As a manager your active role is similar to a couch : you try to help the team leaders and the team by resolving critical issues that will appear while a project is on the role. Don’t be afraid to view the code and learn side by side with the developers. If you stay to far away from the code you won’t have such a good overview on the project.