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A Basic Management Skill is Typing

Alright, so this article is a little “tongue in cheek,” but if you want to succeed in management you had better learn to type. A manager’s basic trade is thinking, acting and communicating. The manager, by definition, is someone who gets the work done through the efforts of others. Managers must inspire and motivate. It’s difficult to accomplish this if you’re spending a significant part of your day typing emails, letters, reports, etc.


I’m an “old school” manager, who could delegate work and had secretaries who knew “Gregg shorthand.” I spent my time planning, organizing, leading and controlling. I was not tethered to a computer keyboard. Those were the good old days. How could I have known that my most valuable high school class would prove to be, you guessed it-Typing I. I look back on my naiveté as justified by the environment of that era. Now managers must type to survive! Of course I still type with my right index finger, envious of those who can type with two fingers.

How did we get to this situation? The “division of labor” seems almost non-existent when it comes to clerical duties. Now, we have executives making $200 an hour “hunting and pecking” their own emails, correspondence or text messages. Is this the most efficient and effective use of labor?


Typing seems here to stay. Voice-recognition software is still in its infancy and not yet ready for “prime time,” but almost! That will be a happy day. In the meantime, there is software available to help the executive or manager improve their typing proficiency. Commonly referred to as “Typing Tutors,” most of these “packages” can be purchased for a reasonable fee, although there is also freeware available; just Google it.

The objective of these programs is to assist the manager in increasing his typing speed. “Touch typing” is the ultimate goal so that you will not have to look at the keyboard when typing.

You probably spend more time than you want to entering data into your computer. To be more productive and relieve some of your stress, learn to improve your typing skills. Because it looks like managers will be performing those distasteful clerical tasks for the foreseeable future.

Chicago Business Schools

Chicago’s Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management is ranked as one of the best MBA programs in the world. Its students represent a diversity of work experience, interests, talents, and cultural and ethnic backgrounds and are distinguished by their intellectual acumen and strong spirit of involvement.

The Kellogg School’s curriculum is designed to ground students in the fundamentals of management while also providing the flexibility to tailor the program to meet their individual interests and career ambitions. Programs of study include full-time MBA programs, part-time MBA programs, executive MBA programs, medicine management-MD-MBA program, master of management and manufacturing program, Juris Doctor (JD) MBA program, doctoral programs, and executive education programs.

Their two-year Master of Business Administration program is a traditional MBA program. MBA students opting for a two year program complete a rigorous core curriculum that provides a background for advanced, specialized work in academic majors and professional fields. The subjects that are offered in their two-year course are accounting information and management, analytical consulting, analytical finance, biotechnology, decision sciences, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, health industry management, human resources management, international business, management and organizations, management and strategy, managerial economics, marketing, marketing management, media management, operations management, real estate management, Social Enterprise at Kellogg (SEEK) and technology industry management.

Some other business schools in Chicago that offer an MBA degrees are Illinois Institute of Technology, Northeastern Illinois University, Loyola University, University of Illinois, the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, and Roosevelt University. These educational institutions offer degrees in accounting, economics, marketing and public relations, and general management degrees in a variety of business fields. These schools also offer training for e-commerce careers and administration careers.

School Management System on iPhone an Awesome Idea

Today’s Smartphone and their applications are changing the traditional way of life we are living. These phones provide us the large space for implementing our resplendent and chimerical ideas. In Smartphone industry Apple is well known for introducing innovative products in market. Apple provides iPhone application development platform for converting your imagination into reality.

Various organizations have recognized the customizability of apple’s platform and know transforming their traditional automation system to iPhone application base system. Even Schools are also prominent place for implementing iPhone application system. It gives you capability to handle the complete school management system on mobile.
iPhone always come with excellent new product which keeps his nearest competitor far behind. iPhone 4 has got ton for newly added feature which makes it an ultimate gadget. 3G and 4G connectivity gives edge to iPhone over other popular brands. Any type of industry can take benefits by iPhone apps development. In respect of school management system iPhone development provide ultimate solution.

iPhone application based system support administration to function in very efficient way as compared to existing traditional desktop based software system. Deploying this mobile application system is very fast at mass level after development. Driving factor for success of this system are accessibility of iPhone. It is common between students and wide spread connectivity of mobile network. It gives good return also in case of mass purchase of iPhone. This system consists of all entity related to school from parent to student and from teacher to administrative staff.

I get fascinated even imagining about this system. The main problem of every school is bunk of class and school by student. In this system as student enter school or classroom it’s marked as present in school and classroom respectively. iPhone Application in real time informs about the student absent from school or present in school but not attending the class. This type information can also be shared with parents in real time. Other functionality that make it more fruitful are publishing of exam result, assigning home work to student, keep complete watch on performance of student or class, sharing of required information with parents and various issues which needed immediate attention. This will keep complete track record of not only of the student but also of teaching and non-teaching staff. All this help to maintain high grade of discipline in school.

In terms of school management system iPhone application development gives good return on investment. But there is a big question on “How to build an iPhone application”. Best solution to this problem is that school should outsource implementation and development to Specilised Company in this domain.