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School Fundraising Software – Going Beyond the Traditional Fundraising Campaign

We all remember the long arduous days of selling gift wrap and candy door-to-door for a local school fundraiser, unsure if you were going to be able to raise enough money and get the “prize” you longed for. Those days have come and gone. Fundraisers have moved away from the door-to-door selling model and more towards non-traditional methods that prove to be more effective, efficient and successful.

Online Fundraising and Donations

The internet has played a tremendous role with charitable online shopping sites. These shopping sites allow parents and students to raise money for their school by making purchases online. The shopping site passes a portion of the commission to the shopper’s school of choice and allows parents, faculty, students, alumni and family to make online donations when purchasing items from their online student web store. These donations can be easily collected and tracked using the web or some type of school fundraising software.

Get Parents Involved

Involving parents and PTA members is critical to the overall success of the fundraiser. Parents have a wide network of colleagues and friends to spread the message much faster. Encourage parents to host a dinner auction at a local restaurant with all proceeds going to the school. Parents can also ask their employer for donations or even possible sponsorships.

Corporate Sponsorships

Imagine the food and drinks at Friday night’s football game sponsored by a local business. It’s a great way to involve the community and an even better way for the company to advertise to hundreds of prospective customers: parents. Ask a local business if they would sponsor promo items and sports giveaways. In exchange, you simply place their logo on the signage and other promotional pieces for instant advertising.

Rewards Programs

Visit your local supermarket regarding any rewards programs they may offer or participate in. Some grocery store chains offer a percentage towards the school of your choice or money back for receipts. And don’t forget to promote and advertise such programs to students, parents and family. Most grocery chains honor rewards program throughout the country, so what better way to get the grandparents involved from afar!

Go Green!

Help improve the environment while raising money for your school. There’s no need to print anymore. Instead send all communication through email and utilize your school management software. Get cash for trash, and teach students the importance of recycling!

  • Recycle household items for cash: water bottles and aluminum cans
  • Cash in your pennies: take your loose change to local grocery store redemption machines
  • Cell phones and printer cartridges: Collect old cell phones, and used printer cartridges – many recycling companies pay anywhere from .50 cents to $5.50 for higher end cartridges

With today’s technologies, fundraising can be easier and more organized than ever before. Explore different web and school administration software programs, communicate with parents, encourage community involvement and talk to your local grocers about rewards programs. With all of these options, your next fundraiser is sure to be a success!

Training Opportunities for Hospitality Management Careers

When looking to obtain the education that is needed for a career in hospitality management there are numerous options to choose from. You can enroll in an accredited school or college to obtain the educational training that is needed for you to pursue the career of your dreams. You can select from a variety of specialized areas of study as well as levels of education. Once you have made the decision to obtain a higher education in this field, you can enroll in a program and begin the path to an exciting future. Start by learning more about the training opportunities for hospitality management careers.

There are different training options available in order to help you select and enter the career training program that is right for you. Studies can be completed in areas like:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Hotel and Motel Management

…to give you the preparation needed to enter the field. The different areas of the field will allow you to gain the skills and knowledge to oversee various facilities and work with different types of people. You can choose the level of education that is needed for your desired career and begin the training process.

Accredited schools and colleges that offer training in these areas will allow you to obtain the level of education that is right for you. Studies can be completed at levels including:

  • Certificates
  • Associate Degrees
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Degrees

…to give you the chance to receive the training needed for the career you are pursuing. Study length will vary but can take several months to six years to complete. Once you have decided on the level of training you can begin the process of preparing for the career you desire.

Coursework is available to cover various topics that will help you prepare for the workforce. You can expect to learn topics that relate to the level of education as well as the career that is being obtained. Subjects can vary but may include topics such as:

  • Purchasing
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Communication
  • Marketing and Sales

…and much more. By obtaining a higher education in hospitality management you will be ready for employment in the area of your choice. You can start preparing for the career you long for by completing all required coursework.

Coursework can cover topics that are necessary to provide you with the knowledge to seek employment. Work can be found in numerous areas that involve the management of various facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and more. You can expect to find work in travel and tourism, service management, event planning, and much more. By enrolling in an accredited hospitality management program you will prepare for work in wedding planning, catering, and a variety of other related fields. Start by finding a program and enrolling today.

Accredited hospitality management schools and colleges are able to give you the quality education that you deserve. Numerous agencies like the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges ( ) can fully accredit programs that provide the best possible educational training. You can research programs to find the one that is right for you.

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