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FORE School of Management

FORE (Foundation for Organizational Research and Education) is management school located in New Delhi providing practical training in the business management. FORE is one of the leading business schools in India. It provides state-of-the-art facility for various management programs.

It is incorporated in 1981, since then its high quality faculty with modern infrastructure, technology and resources are building the leaders for global business environment. It provides the programs in general management, human resources, finance, operations, marketing, information technology, economics and international business.

Management programs offered are up-to-date with current industry standards. FORE has an enthusiastic and talented team of faculty for designing, developing and conducting innovative management development programs for professionalizing management. The programs are designed with proper mix of theoretical and practical learning.

FORE has very open environment for learning and provides world-class infrastructure for overall personality development. Right from library to play ground and indoor sports facilities it has everything to encourage and support the growth of individual in all aspects of the personality.

It has fully computerized library with over 25000 titles. The library also contains more than 100 journals, periodicals and vast collection of CDs and DVDs. The classrooms, canteen and hostel facilities are state of the art.

IT infrastructure is world class. Entire campus is connected to Internet through cabled and secured wireless LAN. Students are provided with all necessary management software’s. From time to time, eminent personalities and corporate professionals are invited to share real world management practices and market opportunities with students.

FORE provide full time management programs as well as part time programs for working professionals. Applications for admission can be done through online also.

Research and consultancy is a core activity at FORE. A special division call “Center of Research” has been established for this purpose. A quarterly journal “ABHIGYAN” is devoted to publishing the findings from research work and exploration of original ideas related to organizations and management. It provides the platform for students to showcase their talent.

Student life at FORE is very exciting. There is never a dull moment at FORE. Ask any FORE alumni and he will be delighted to share his moments of FORE life. Every student has a story to tell about the FORE. There are several student organizations like alumni, branding cell, career division, economy forum, sports division, corporate interaction division etc. Students organization also comprise of a think tank group to organize events that will test the brains muscles of the students.

Student empowerment is a key feature of life at FORE school of management. FORE provides a platform for placement where companies are invited to recruit students. Potential employers undertake on-campus recruitment. FORE provides all the necessary facilities for conducting the recruitment drive.

Community service is an integral part of FORE culture. Many students are associated with NGOs and work for service projects in the field. Underprivileged communities are benefited by these initiatives. There is a student body called “ANTAR” which overlooks such activities.

FORE is consistently ranked among the top management institutions in India by various business magazines.

Survey Reveals Interesting Facts About Public School Rankings

A $2 million survey on the state of New York schools has just been released by Mayor Bloomberg, and is proving to be a veritable goldmine of new findings about the roles of parents, teachers and students in their public school rankings. The survey was part of an ambitious plan to grade all schools and was hailed by the Mayor as “the most successful effort” that has ever been made to collect data about the state of a district’s schools.

Even with all this grandiose rhetoric only 26% of parents in New York bothered to respond to the survey. This does cast light on the role played by parents on public school rankings. Statistics of respondents were slightly better in the case of students and teachers – 44% of teachers and 65% of students participated in the survey that aimed to collect data from the three pillars that determine public school rankings in New York.

Low Morale of Students are Affecting Public School Rankings

One of the most telling facts that emerged out of the survey, and one which directly points to the role of students in determining public school rankings, was that nearly half the student respondents reported that getting good grades at school made them lose standing among their peers. This is a damaging indictment of the kind of culture that’s being fostered in schools not just in New York, but in many other districts across the nation. A poor student environment will naturally lead to poor performances in school tests and consequently mean lowered public school rankings.

Small Class Sizes and Public School rankings

A surprise in the survey was the lowered number of parents who wanted smaller class sizes for their children’s schools. Smaller class sizes have been found to be beneficial as far as public school rankings are concerned because of the increased personal interaction between students and teachers.

More parents -close to 45 % of those surveyed- said they believed more or better programs would help their children more than smaller classes would. The smaller class size lobbyists are obviously not too happy with these findings because it flies in the face of all they have been pushing for all these years. In fact many proponents of smaller classes dismissed the survey as nothing but a gigantic public relations exercise.

The Teacher- Principal Relation and Public School Rankings

Another shocker that came out of the survey was the percentage of teachers who said they either didn’t trust their principals or doubted their managerial skills. Sound school management is based on a healthy teacher-principal interaction and a lack of this, as demonstrated in New York schools, is bound to have a negative effect on public school rankings.

School Administration Software and the 7 Must-Have Features

Choosing the right software for your school or district is an important task. From tracking and managing student data to communicating with parents and faculty to simplifying day-to-day responsibilities for staff, your software will be the foundation for your operations. To spend more time focusing on students and less time behind a desk, look for these seven must-have features in your school administration software package:

  1. Streamline class and activity registration for added convenience to both students and administrators with online registration and credit card processing. Through online registration, you can achieve quantifiable time savings and remove teachers from the money collection process, while making it more convenient than ever for parents and students to register for camps, sports activities, school functions and more. Online registration modules securely process, track and report the flow of money as it enters the school and empowers parents and students to set up online accounts to view, track and update personal information, alleviating the need to call the school with questions of balances due, payment histories and class registration statuses.
  2. Simplify and automate bookkeeping processes and reporting with student fund accounting software. Choose a software vendor that provides an iron clad audit trail of revenue, expenditures, transfers and adjustments for all student activity accounts. From receipts to reports, your student fund accounting module will safeguard the collection, use and reporting of internal funds, while reducing time spent on duplicate data entry, alleviating lost receipts or accounting fraud, eliminating overdrawn accounts and improving bank reconciliations.
  3. Utilize customized reporting for financials, account analysis, banking, vendors, purchase orders and encumbrance. School administration software with customized reports is essential in finding the information your school needs and wants to accurately assess numbers, without having to dig through irrelevant information to get to the bottom line. Your software should allow you to export data into all types of files, including Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Lotus and more, to ensure compatibility with all operating systems.
  4. Manage, track and distribute student and teacher textbooks from one central location with a robust textbook tracking module. Collect textbook debts, track sales and purchase histories, and record and monitor damaged inventory with one centralized program. A textbook tracking module will save your staff time and ease the fall registration process by efficiently monitoring the lifecycle of a textbook.
  5. Simplify donations and fee payment collection and extend your fundraising reach with an online fundraising and donations module. Raise more money by offering faculty, parents, students and community members the opportunity to contribute to your school through convenient and secure online donation tools. From class or team fundraiser webpages to automated tax-deductible receipts, donating to your school will only be a click away. Make sure your school administration software program offers broadcast e-mail tools with its online fundraising and donations module to help your school connect and re-connect with potential donors and keep them coming back to your website for more information.
  6. A centralized student database will protect students’ information and store data at one central location, ensuring up-to-date records, authorized access and complete control over information. Centralized data improves reporting capabilities, information access, security and oversight into financials and accounts.
  7. Increase school revenues using point of sale with inventory management to sell books, supplies, merchandise and other school-related items. A point of sale module will enable your staff to quickly and securely process transactions on the phone or over the counter. Your point of sale should integrate with inventory management to automatically alert staff members when stocks are running low. Access to a point of sale solution will increase your revenues through the sale of merchandise and tickets.

Most important to the features of a school administration software program is the ability to integrate each module to share information from one central location, improve oversight and control, and increase communication among faculty, staff, parents and students. Your school administration software should automate your operations to alleviate time-consuming, paper-based processes. By choosing a school software package with these seven must-have features, your staff will spend more time focusing on its most important job: educating students.